The Man Behind The Voice: Jermaine Paul -- Legend in the Making

Music is the soundtrack to our life; it sparks our soul when we meet that special someone, initiates the first time you make love and fills the air during the first dance after shared vows. The voice behind the sound... well now, that's a whole other story.

R&B love songs consist of a few simple ingredients: A sensual melody, passionate lyrics and a voice to tie it all together. These three characteristics can form a lifetime of memories and will replay in our hearts for an eternity. When the NBC show The Voice auditioned singers for their 2nd season, I don't think they expected to discover the next living R&B legend. Leaving the ultimate decision to fans across the country only solidified the glorious power that is in The Voice. Winner of the primetime competition, Jermaine Paul sets himself apart not only vocally but by his magnificent influence in his community and home. His voice demands your attention and draws you in but this man of many talents has a lot more to offer than just his musical gift... Jermaine Paul is a father first and supporter of all those less materialized by the spotlight.

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